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jack renders by ~andersoncathy

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Spamming some more Vasir armour ;) finished the arms now. The right upper arm is a bit big, but I kind of like the look of that. I’ll paint it up and perhaps change it once the rest is done. #worbla #masseffect #me2 #telavasir #spacearmour


I need this DLC I really do. Totally sppilt but the really good thing about RPGs is that even if you are spoiled you can still choose what direction to go in. ANd you still get the feelz.

Oh man.

I’m open to feedback here. *love*

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The second shoulder came together a lot faster then I thought. I wanted the specter logo to stand out a bit, but not be a surface detail. So the worbla layer method worked pretty good. I’m happy so far :) 
#worbla #masseffect #telavasir #cosplay #me2 #spacearmour




She will make it.


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Jesus take the wheel


Whoa there Jesus

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The Inquisitor vs. Spacemarine! Together with my trooper buddy Henrik Pilerud at #Gamex2013 ^^
#dragonage #dragonageinquisition #warhammer #cosplay
Just a little test on how I plan to do my Shepard renegade scars next time. Made with silicone and some eyeliner. Doesn’t look real, but the commanders facial scars look a bit cartoonish so this’ll do I hope :)
Happy birthday Commander Shepard!! :D
“Who’s like us? - Damn few! And they’re all dead.”
#masseffect #bioware #commandershepard #N7 #cosplay

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